Shield II

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The Shield II sunglasses feature a "frameless" design with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses for durability. Enhanced with closed cell foam lining to reduce wind disruption, these sunglasses come in various color combinations to suit your style. Additionally, they include a microfiber pouch to maintain their pristine condition.


Frame Finish & Color


- Frameless Design
- Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
- 100% UV Protection
- Closed Cell Foam
- ANSI Z80.3
- CE
- EN166
- Includes Microfiber Pouch


  • A

    Bridge 15

  • B

    Frame Width 140

  • C

    Temple 122

  • D

    Lens width 75

  • E

    Lens Height 45

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The Shield 2 is the most comfortable Sunnies I have ever bought at this price or any other price even. The last set of comfortable glasses I bought were $250. I bought 2 sets of those other glasses the first set snapped after 3 months and the second set lasted longer because I was super careful of them but they also snapped. Because of the Shield 2's I ordered 2 sets of Shield 3. I plan to buy The Swift and Road Hog 2 as well in the future!

Got a pair of clear for my wife. I had a pair for a while now. She loved them when she tried them on. Great glasses.

Good glasses*

These glasses work at night. I ordered a few pair but these really work for my husband. If you order these really work. *

Super cool *

I purchased these to keep the dust out of my eyes while mowing. They work great. They are light weight. I wear them under a helmet with ear muffs and they are comfortable.*

Fit and feel great. I discovered that these type of shades with no frame around the lens, keep the wind out of your eyes better than ones with frames.*

Stylish and good fit *

These are pretty decent sunglasses for cycling considering the low price. They fit well and the best part is this wrap-around style fits snug up against my face. The nose piece is comfortable too. Keeps wind and dirt out. I rode up a hard mountain pass in 80+ degree temps and there was just enough ventilation to keep the lenses sweat and fog free. The frames do not interfere with the way my helmet sits on my head.

Update 1: These sunglasses lasted almost two years before the temple broke just past the hinge. This is a design flaw for these sunglasses. I just ordered another pair and received them today. I'll keep ordering these because they are cheap and they fit well.

Update 2: Just received two pair of these sunglasses in black. Also the black model has a hole drilled at the end of the ear piece where you can attach an optional elastic strap. Excellent budget sunglasses for cycling. I like these better than any high end sunglasses I have ever purchased. *

Comfortable to wear. Wrap design and padding keeps the air out when riding*

I buy a pair every year to ride with*

Purchased for don. He really likes them and they weren't too expensive. *

I've owned several pair, unfortunately I toss them in my luggage even once not in sack and they scratch easily... so I've been like a yearly customer. I find them the perfect fit for blocking wind/debris without fogging. Yes there is a very little bit of air coming from underneath, and once in a great while something can get through and in your eye, but you can ride with these for hours with no eye drying. Most glasses that seal any better have fog issues.*

Works well at night to make things clearer! Very comfortable to wear.*