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Experience ultimate protection with this extreme sport eyewear featuring open-cell sweat-absorbing foam around the frame. The vented, flexible plastic frame encloses polycarbonate lenses, offering both durability and breathability. Its low-profile design allows for comfortable wear under a helmet. Plus, conveniently pack them away in the included microfiber pouch for easy transport and to keep your goggles in top condition.


Frame Finish & Color


- Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
- 100% UV Protection
- Thermoplastic Elastomer Frame
- Open Cell Foam
- ANSI Z80.3 and CE Certified
- RX Ready
- Includes Microfiber Pouch


  • A

    Bridge 15

  • B

    Frame Width 150

  • C


  • D

    Lens width 60

  • E

    Lens Height 45

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Ratings & Reviews
53 reviews

Love these goggles. Just what they say they are.
100+ mph rating. Ride free

I recently bought the bugeye goggles and I really like them. I don't like having a windshield on my bike, and I don't like wearing a full face helmet or visor, and the bugeyes are far superior to any sunglasses. They're extremely comfortable, and absolutely no wind and dust in my eyes when rolling down the road on my harleydavidson. And they really cut the sun glare. I got the smoked lens and I'm going to order more in clear and yellow. Top notch riding goggles!

Really love these goggles. No glare, no wind, and very comfortable! Top notch goggles at twice the price! Highly recommend if you're looking for riding goggles, plus they're inexpensive.

Got these for snowboarding. After adding non fogging liquid to the lenses these were perfect. Love them

I like these overall. 2 things hinder my love for them. One, the way the lenses fit in the frames is a bit janky. They use small pegs that are hard to fit well into the frame. For the cost, the lenses should just be fixed. Two, the adjustment for the strap is always right at my ear and causes and uncomfortable rub against my ear. They could of and should have made the adjustment piece where it rests at the back of your head in most cases. Otherwise love the style, tint of the brown lenses, and the foam padding. Seals pretty well against the face too.*

There are perfect for my ussop cosplay! *

All good! *

Pros: comfortable, good field of view, look rad, block wind and bugs and road grit.*

Cons: kinda flimsy (I super-glued the lens housing to the frames), lenses scratch easily, lenses aren't very resistant to fogging.

Questionable: durability of foam padding.

Caveats: not for night use! Buy the version with clear lenses for this purpose (manufacturer: we need amber lenses!). Also, these may be too small for people with larger heads.

I recently got an e-scooter that can go 40 mph. I bought a full face helmet to protect my noggin and discovered that sunglasses aren't comfortable with it because there's not enough room under the helmet for the arms. I tried out several pairs of googles, and these are the only ones that worked with my helmet. There's no way I can put the helmet over the goggles (too tight), so I needed googles that would go over the helmet. These are the only ones that worked. Other googles have longer side pieces and the straps attach too far behind the front of the lenses, so they don't rest on my face and air gets around them too easily. So if you're looking for a pair of googles to go over a full face helmet, these are the ones to get. In addition, I love the way the amber lens makes the world around me appear brighter. And they're not too dark for night riding. Minus one star for the flimsy foam, which I'm afraid won't last very long, even if I treat it with TLC.*

I am a long distance cyclist with eye allergies !! These goggles saved the day. They do not fog - a very efficient circulating air system. Tried a bunch of different goggles and these wee the best.*

My wife has had several operations. On her eye. These gogles protect her eye at night while sleeping, and outside if the wind blows, we have both the amber, and clear lenses. Great eye savers. *

Very comfortable and best results in years ...glad I found this bargain and friends want also... Got clear and tint pairs ...love both... *

I bought these for those situations where it gets dark and I have to flip up my tinted visor on my helmet. I’d need these to protect my eyes from bugs, sand, and rocks while riding.*

I purchased this product (in the clear) for use with my woodworking and sewing projects. I’m totally in love with them. Unlike other safety glasses they completely cover my eyes and have a nice seal around the edges to prevent any particles from getting into my eyes. On top of that they are very comfortable. No more slipping down my nose or particles bouncing off my cheeks and into my eyes. I will admit they are not fashion glasses by any means, but they do keep particles and even blowing air from getting into your eyes! I will be ordering additional pairs.*

I look just like I'm a bandit from the movie Water World! *

I drive big vehicles for work and driving with glare from the sun is bad enough. I don't like wearing sunglasses so this was perfect. *

The band adjuster is a lifesaver and was easy to size it around my head. It feels comfortable and most times I forget I have them on until it gets dark.

Used Bobsters goggles for years. Tried other brands and haven't been happy *

I used it for a Spider Noir costume. Worked Perfect.*

Delivery was fast and I love the product. *

I bought these for a Halloween costume, they fit well. A little bigger than expected but still a solid buy.*

Best feature is its light weight. Maybe not for motorcycle riders, but for regular bikes it's the best. *

They work for me *

Seem to be well made and comfortable.*

Comfortable "hug" on your head. Good seal around the eye. Absorbs glare. GOOD buy!*

Bought these to help shield my eyes during the aggressive dust storms of Burning Man. I added small pieces of foam to the vents in these goggles to ensure the dust didn't get in and they worked perfectly. They fit light but held out dust in some big storms. No isses with fogging given the size and fit around the eyes. I only wish they made clear versions for night.*