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$54.98 to $64.98

The Renegade stands out with its distinctive styling and versatile functionality, distinguishing itself from other eyewear in its class. With two sets of interchangeable smoked and clear lenses, it offers adaptability for varying light conditions. Additionally, removable closed cell foam provides added comfort, ensuring a tear-free experience while cruising. Whether worn with temples as sunglasses or with a strap as goggles, the Renegade offers flexibility to suit your preferences. Plus, it includes a carry case and microfiber cloth to maintain your sunglasses in optimal condition.

$54.98 to $64.98

Frame Finish & Color


- Photochromic Lenses (V.L.T. 85-32%)
- 2 Sets of Anti-Fog Lenses: Smoked and Clear
- Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
- 100% UV Protection
- Polycarbonate Frame
- Removable Open Cell Foam
- ANSI Z80.3
- CE
- EN166
- Includes Removable Foam, Goggle Strap, Carry Case, and Microfiber Cloth


  • A

    Bridge 15

  • B

    Frame Width 144

  • C

    Temple 115

  • D

    Lens width 65

  • E

    Lens Height 44

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Ratings & Reviews
12 reviews

This is my first pair of riding "goggles", and my first season riding with them and a half-helmet.

I was moved to write this primarily because of the anti-fog ability of the glasses. I SHOULD have had nothing but fogging in yesterday's conditions- and certainly would have, even in my full-face HJC helmet- but did not experience ANY with these glasses.

Closed-cell foam is the way to go IF the glasses fit your face well. They just do not resolve differences in nose bridge, eye socket shape, and cheekbone the way open cell foam does. Though they don't fit my face perfectly, I have no regrets.

The tint transition tint works pretty well. Since they are convertible and the foam can be removed, you can reach your destination event, swap out sides and remove foam, and oila: "normal-looking" sunglasses, with one less thing to carry on the ride. Overall quality is up to today's good standards.

Best riding glasses i've ever had. The tint shifts smoothly depending on the lighting. The glasses protect my eyes against dust and wind perfectly. These glasses provide great quality for a reasonable price.

I’ve had these glasses for a year now. They are my go to glasses for riding with my beanie helmet. No interference with the helmet, lightweight, and very comfortable all day/night. Wore these while doing a saddlesore ride. Great value!

I tried this and another competing product found on Amazon. This one appears to have been made to actually fit a human sized/shaped face. It's comfortable and works as advertised.*

Sunglasses are hard to fit. With different face shapes and head sizes, these won't work for everyone, but they work great for me. I have a pretty large head with high cheekbones that tend to hit the bottom of some glasses, but not with these. Width is good with my wide face, and they're comfortable to wear overall.

Aside from the good fit, I'm also pleased with the clarity of the lenses and their ability to change tint. My vision is good in all light conditions. At night, they're almost clear with maybe a slight grey tint. As you can see by the picture, they get pretty dark in sunlight. The change is gradual but effective.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. They're not the quality of expensive high end glasses, but for the price these are hard to beat. At this price, you can lose them or break them and not cry about it. *

HD used to have a pair of conversion sunglasses/goggles. I like using them as goggles. As goggles, they fit the same as the HD pair and the transition lenses are better contrast. Already bought another pair incase they do not hold up as well as the HD. But for $30 you can’t go wrong.

These are nice and I like the photochromic lens the con is they don't fit all the way to my face the nose part presses against the bridge of my nose very uncomfortably and they do not adjust by bending

I initially bought these for myself thinking that I wouldn't have to carry two sets of glasses with me everywhere, sunglasses for the day and clears for night. But these things do not fit my big ass head. They are my wife's riding glasses now as they are a bit too small for my head.

I had a pair of these that lasted for about five or six years, but had to finally retire them due to the foam padding deteriorating. I really like how these glasses fit and look. However they do seem to be a little more fragile compared to my old ones when changing out the lenses. But it could be that they need to break in. Overall, I'm satisfied with these glasses and hopefully they'll last me five or six years.

Use these glasses without lenses to protect eyes from glancing PICKELBALL. No need to worry about fogging great spacing between eye ball and front of frame! Might need lenses later but not so far.*

Great value with multiple lens. But the frame is fine for a woman or small man. They are small.*

They are comfortable, the lenses are easy to replace and easily to change from glasses to goggles as well.*