Great gear, especially for the price. Took my dad (73 years old) to climb Kilimanjaro in Sept. We needed eyewear that would protect in cold, windy, dusty, and sunny conditions. And in cold, windy, dusty, and dark conditions. And perhaps snowy. I found the Bugeyes 2 and bought 2 pair. Dad had some prescription lenses ground for his. Sure enough, the afternoon we summated, it was cold, windy, overcast, with a dusting of snow. I popped in the amber lenses and was good to go. Only issue was some fogging due to the cold, but we had some anti-fog wipes and they took care of that. The goggles were lightweight, comfortable, and even looked cool in a goofy old-time-explorer kind of way! More about the BUGEYE II
1/3/08 – Steve Arlowe



Fast delivery, about four days! But by the time I received my glasses we got hit with a Super Spring snow storm and I was grounded for a few days. When the 18" of snow and ice cleared off the roads I finally got to take a short ride after work April 6th.

After letting the motor warm-up by putting around town I headed for the highway. Temp was right at 32 degrees(BRRRRRRRRRR)

I got up to 70 mph before I had enough, and headed back to town. But these XRH glasses are something else! Absolutely no tears, no buffeting(small Sport windshield on a XL883)and I didn't freeze my eyeballs either. Excellent quality and the convertable feature is like getting four quality sets of riding glasses for the price of one! Thanks, Bobster Action Eyewear!!!! More about the XRH
Frank from Harlowton, Montana




I bought a pair of your Bobster Piston goggles for airsoft (plastic bbs, similar to paintball), but the field I play at said that since they aren’t ANSI 87 rated, they aren’t acceptable. They told me that regular polycarbonate lenses will shatter when they break. Since I had no more use for them, I thought I would torture test them. First, I fired an upgraded airsoft rifle at them, pressing the muzzle against the lens. There was no sign of impact. After several more shots, there was a small dent. After 150 shots, there was a small crater. I couldn’t get them to shatter with an airsoft gun, but I was determined to break this lens. I pounded a nail into it, but that didn’t create a crack. I drilled a screw through it, but that still didn’t make it crack. I used some tin snips on it and it did not crack. I pounded on it with a hammer and it did not crack. Thank you for the quality product at the low price that I paid for it. I am a very satisfied customer. More about the PISTON
Aaron Lynch


Many riders frequently use eye- drops while traveling. When I found myself doing likewise, I considered ways to avoid hot, dry air and dust.

Although I wear a full face helmet, I prefer the visor up except when I'm on the freeway --- it improves the experience of riding. But even when the visor is closed, there's a lot of turbulence inside the helmet when the vents are open. So glasses that seal around the eyes is important, especially in the desert. I tried three different off- the-shelf wrap-around sunglasses. All of them leaked too much air to be of use. I searched the web and ordered a $200 pair of sunglasses "specifically designed for motorcycle use." Thanks to a foam seal around the periphery of the lenses, they did a great job of keeping out the elements, but they were excruciatingly painful, so much so that they shortened my touring days. The problem was that the arms were recurved, so the foam of the helmet squeezed them into my head just above my ears. My wife commented on how raw that area looked when I got back from a recent trip. Another problem was their restricted peripheral vision. Rather than a quick shoulder check with a turn of the head, they required me to turn my whole upper body. This takes too long on the freeway, and I consider it a safety issue. Three of the five lads who tried the glasses on for fit wouldn't consider using them on the road for this reason. These glasses may have been designed for motorcyclists, but not by motorcyclists. When all else fails, ask around at a few biker hang-outs. The name that came up most often was Bobster. I figured it was a Harley product, but no, Bobster is an eyeglass company. To my surprise, they are headquartered in San Diego County. When I got to their premises, there were two bikes parked in front of the building, one in the lobby (the boss, I guess,) and several in the parking lot out back. I surmised that these glasses would not only be designed for bikers, but by bikers.

I tried the "Invader" model because Stacey said that model was most popular with their employees. It fit perfectly, so I chose a pair with photochromatic lenses. They adjust automatically to the light. I also choose orange lenses as they do a good job of cutting through marine haze. I did not chose Polaroid lenses as they often fail to reveal wet spots in the road. The Bobsters also have foam seals around the lenses, but they are not replaceable as on the $200 glasses. They do however, carry a lifetime warranty should they fail for some reason. Like all sealed glasses, they tend to fog up when I'm not riding, but sliding them down the nose a little admits air and takes care of that problem. Like all wrap-around glasses, they are bulky when folded. I stored them in the soft case they came in until the stictching fell apart. That wasn't a big deal as the glasses easily fit into a shirt pocket. The Bobsters are sturdy, well made glasses that fit and seal well, even in strong crosswinds. Like the more expensive glasses, they also limit peripheral vision, but not nearly as much. I guess that's the nature of sealed glasses. I took the Bobsters on my 3 week trip to Canada. They never became uncomfortable, my eyes never dried out and they provided great vision thanks to the orange, haze cutting lenses. They were suitable for night riding as they are photochromatic, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, and they look good. What more do I need?

They list for $64.98 and can be found at Bobster.com and a number of other websites and motorcycle shops. More about the INVADER
B Jan



The need for eye protection in a tactical environment is obvious. Over the years, I have gone through more than my fair share of eye protection systems. Needless to say, when I learned that I would be evaluating the Bobster Prowler Glasses, I was more than a little skeptical. The Prowler came neatly packaged in a padded nylon storage case. Inside the case, the Prowler comes with both smoke and clear removable lenses, removable nose pieces and two wear options. The wear options include an elastic goggle style head strap and the normal temple arms. The goggle straps are not capable of being worn outside of the helmet, but are comfortably worn underneath. The temple arms proved to be surprisingly comfortable when used in conjunction with our radio headsets and became my preferred method of wear. Typically, I find that normal glasses become uncomfortable when worn underneath our radio headsets, but with the Prowler, I didn’t have this problem. I had the chance to evaluate the Prowler Glasses during the service of a search warrant and during an 8-hour outdoor range exercise. I had no problems switching between the clear lenses for the search warrant and to the smoke lenses for the outdoor range work. Even after 8-hours of range use, the glasses still felt good and I did not have any problems with fogging. I found that the Prowlers were very well constructed and provided a good amount of coverage protection while still being comfortable to wear. Overall, I think the Bobster Eyewear Prowler Glasses are a great product that I can easily recommend. After conducting this evaluation, I have decided to use the Prowlers as my primary set of tactical eye protection. More about the PROWLER
Police Officer from California



Dear Bobster,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the great customer service regarding a warranty issue! While on a recent bike trip, I had the plastic retainer clip break on my Bobster goggles. I tried a superglue field repair that failed, and I am sure I ruined the frames completely. With no questions asked, your warranty department replaced the product at no charge, and did it in what I consider record time for warranty issues!

Thank you for a great product and great service to go with it! I am going on-line now to buy a second pair of Bobsters. More about BOBSTER GOGGLES
John M. Van Slambrouck



Recently I purchased a pair of Gunner convertible, photo chromic sunglasses/goggles. I went for the Bobster brand because so many of my friends have them and they like them a lot. I was going to get laser surgery on my eyes, so I did not get the prescription glasses. After finding out that Lasik was not right for me, I realized that I had a trip coming up in a week and I only had one set of prescription glasses left and they were for reading. Not good for a 1400 mile trip. I contacted Sonnette at Bobster and she was a breath of fresh air. She contacted the lab and asked if they could do a rush job for me, even though it was the middle of riding season. She spoke to the owner about it and they accommodated my request. They didn't even charge extra for the rush job! To make the job even harder, my prescription was just over their comfort zone, but after emailing them my prescription they said it would be safe to complete the job. I received my glasses the day before my vacation was to start. The prescription was perfect. For the first time in years I was able to remove my face shield from my helmet because the foam insert for the glasses keeps my eyes from watering. I have not been able to see this clear in a long time and it felt great! No more distortion from the face shield, just beautiful, clear vision. I can now ride in comfort and enjoy the view. Thanks to all the good people at Bobster for the help! Ride on. More about the GUNNER
Bill McIntyre