RX Information

1. If you purchased your eyewear frames through bobster.com or from one of our dealers and would like to order RX lenses please contact SportRx LLC. for further instructions:

Click the button below or call 888-831-5817


Bobster® Eyewear provides the opportunity for customized prescription lenses for the majority of eyewear styles available.

There are Rx limitations to all of the Rx ready eyewear depending on several different factors. Your prescription will be modified to compensate for the wrap angle of the frame. This will allow the lenses to be effectively mounted into the frame or bezels while achieving the necessary ability of your prescription.

Frames with interchangeable non-prescription lenses will no longer be interchangeable (unless the eyewear has bezel lenses—see bezel lens description below) because the newly ground prescription lenses must be permanently mounted into the frame to correctly retrofit the lenses to your prescription. You may also find extra frame fronts available for purchase in order to have multiple prescription lenses/colors for a single style.

Click here to be taken to the parts and pieces sections to view available frame fronts.

Bezel Lens Description: Specific styles of Bobster® Eyewear are made to hold and easily interchange bezel lenses. Lenses are fit into a “rim” which clips in and out of the eyewear frame making it quick and easy to interchange between day and night. This is also a great way to have versatility when having a prescription done in multiple shades of lenses.

**Any Bobster Ballistics item that uses bezel lenses for RX capability is not approved for ballistics usage and has not been tested for ballistics impact because currently there is no MCEPS testing standard for RX bezel lenses. However the bezel lenses have been fully certified to the ANSI Z87.1 + testing and impact standards.

RX Information

Q: Where can I find the price of RX lenses?
A: Contact SportRx LLC. 888-831-5817

Q; Does the price of the RX lens include the cost of the eyewear?
A: No you must purchase the eyewear separately and also purchase the lenses.

Q: Are the lenses still interchangeable once I put a prescription lens in them?
A: Only if the eyewear offers bezel lenses which have a plastic piece holding the prescription lens. There is also the option of purchasing a 2nd frame front (if the eyewear is convertible) so they can be interchanged.

Q: What kind of warranty do RX orders have?
A: If there is a defect in the frame or some other component of the eyewear we will replace them under warranty, but we do not warranty any part of the lenses.