Spektrax Matte Arm Set

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1.   02/13/09

The dealer who sold the Spektrax Convertible to me gave me an extra prescription insert that he had lying around. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a set of clear lenses and another set of dark lenses, which they put into the inserts. I paid about $130 total for both pairs of prescription lenses for the inserts. Simply put, they work quite well. At first I was concerned that the relatively small prescription inserts wouldn't provide adequate field of vision, but I was wrong. I can see very well. The goggles do have a small blind spot out of the corner of my eyes as I look behind me when I turn my head to the rear to look for cars, but that is just the nature of the beast. The frame is fairly thick. You just can't avoid that, regardless of the brand of goggle/glasses. It is not any reason to avoid buying them, though. Very little wind gets behind them...just enough to allow some circulation. I have been in a number of rainstorms with them while riding my motorcycle, and no water ever got past them yet. I ride a bike with a faring and windshield, so I don't get the rain directly on them, but I think my eyes would stay dry either way. Comfort. Again, no problems. After a few minutes of riding I forgot I had them on. No 'hot spots' on my nose, temple or ears when using the arms. I have used the included elastic goggle strap a few times and I noticed that it pulled the goggles against my eyes. I wouldn't want to ride all day with the strap on because of that. I use the strap only during very high winds when I fear that a cross wind might yank them from my head. For the most part, about 98% of the time actually, I don't use the strap. They seem to be quite secure on my head without it. It comes with 3 lenses, amber, smoked and clear. I don’t have a preference between the amber and the smoked. They both seem to help remove glare. Plus, my prescription sunglasses inserts do more darkening than the provided lenses. Together they really darken up a bright sunny day. Like ZZ Top said, “…with glass so dark they won’t even know your name.” My only complaint has been that one of the snap-in arms broke. The section that snaps into place and holds it secure just broke one day. Poink! It just fell off as I removed it. It could have a more substantial mechanism there. It’s nothing that a bit of electrical tape couldn’t take care of, though. Luckily Bobster sells parts for their glasses and goggles. Even with the kinda cheesy snap-in for the arms, I’d buy another pair if I lost this one. If they were to make the snap-in more substantial I would have to give the Bobster Spektrax a solid rating of 5. Yeah, this is a glowing review of their product, but I don't have any financial interest in the company at all, so I didn't write this just for them. I don't even know where the Bobster company is. I'm just happy to have discovered goggles that really work for me and I thought I'd pass it along.
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